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Why Train Voluntary Cooperation in Horses?

by Robin Foster, PhD

The basic goal of animal training is to control another individual’s behavior. Cooperation is the ideal outcome, but when aversive training methods are used the animal’s cooperation is compulsory, not voluntary.  Worse yet, aversive control can evoke unwanted resistance and oppositional responses. As a horse behaviorist, the severe behavior problems I’m called in to see surprise me less than how readily horses give in to aversive control.

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At the Foot of It All: Hoof Care and Behavior Modification

by Catherine Bell

Over the last couple of years, we have increasingly seen the behavioural side to hoof care featured in videos that have gone viral on social media. One recent example showed “the duct tape method” of getting a fractious horse to stand still for the farrier. Numerous videos went around showing, firstly, a horse who clearly didn’t want any part in the trimming/shoeing process and then, in the “after” footage, the same horse standing quietly with a piece of duct tape attached to the muzzle, passing down between the nostrils, permitting the farrier to get on with the job.

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